Tops Ways For Healthcare Professionals To Stay Current With Health Care News

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are the busiest person when it comes to serving humanity which makes it difficult to keep in touch with latest health care news. The medical field is itself changing from time to time thus the drastic change may not update well the healthcare professionals. Being in such a profession it is not possible to flip the pages of the newspaper every morning or browse through the internet each day thus it is difficult to stay up to date with the health care news.

The fast-growing internet technology can help to achieve such a goal but for that you need to have a better knowledge of using the technology. The advanced internet had made it possible to reach everything on the internet including health care news. From growing farms to serving humanity it has helped and keeps us updated on the newest version.


The first and foremost challenge to the medical professionals is keeping themselves updated with the current news.  In 2020, the total bodies of medical knowledge are doubled every 73 days. Transformations that took 50 years in 1950 now occur in less than three months. Meaning that the transformation is growing fast than the professionals to let them know of the news. Every 73 days there is new knowledge of medical science which keeps it hard to stay with the current news.

Although it’s ideal to aim to read the latest news and developments in research daily – or at least a few times per week – you may feel you’re not able to keep up with research if you don’t have clear strategies in place.

Treating patients took a lot of capability and hard work as one minor mistake may lead to big suffrage. So the healthcare professionals keep themselves aware of most of the changes occurring in the medical field. Still, sometimes there is a miss in the information which is quite not clear for them. So to fill those gaps here are some tips which will help the healthcare professionals stay current with the health care news.


  • Peer-to-Peer connection: The first thing is to discuss it with your colleagues. That is very general and the best way of getting information from them. They can be doctors, nurses, or anyone within that specific social structure. It’s not possible to keep all the information by yourself so talk to your colleagues, take your time and discuss the news. Don’t forget to check the source as well.
  • Read Journals: The medical field throughout history has been receiving information from the medical literature. Along with the researches and medical professionals to have complex medical information to a broad, international audience, journal publications boast two major benefits: the respect is given to long-standing publications and the weight of their endorsement
    2. The peer-review process
    As a journal is published through the process which is reviewed by the professional thus its authenticity cannot be challenged. The information which the journal provides doesn’t lead to any misinformation as the publications took time and a lot of processing. Few popular journals include NEJM Journal Watch and American College of Physicians’ Journal Club.
  • Attend Conference or Meeting: Attending meetings is another way of keeping updated on health care news. As this provides interaction with the professionals of the fields, any information related to the field is shared. Thus giving the most understandable explanation on any issue can be sorted out by attending live meetings. Beyond that, there is an important social aspect which is helpful. The professionals who attend the meetings came up with extra knowledge and can share it with their colleagues. It is important to attend the meeting and grasp the information related to your field.
  • Decision Support Tools: The incorporation of decision support tolls has helped in major ways. These are linked with health algorithms published as a part of national or institutional guidelines. Healthcare professionals use computer simulation to treat patients. This method has been helpful in many ways such as accuracy, fast checking of patients, less error, patient satisfaction, and quality healthcare.
  • Independent medical education: The strategy of continuous learning can be adopted by healthcare professionals to keep them up to date. This helps in providing the information at any time they want. The best strategy to remain updated on recent developments in medicine is to make learning a regular activity rather than adopting after weeks.

Through the Internet:

The best and recent way of staying up to date is through the internet.

  1. Feedly: It is a tool on the internet that collects the information from various sources and websites and gathers them on this platform. This helps in many ways such as saving time, accurate information and you don’t have to look for again and again the authenticity of the news. It also comes with an option that allows you to select the news only relevant to your field.
  2. Google Alerts: Set up the medical-related words on Google and turn on the notification. Any update will pop up showing you the information you need. This is a very handy tool and easy to use. It can save a lot of time as you only have to put the required words once and you will automatically receive notifications.
  3. Update email alerts: You can also update your email on certain websites that will send you daily articles related to the medical field. As a subscriber to their service, you have the option to decide on the frequency of e-mail alerts that you receive based on ratings.
  4. Mobile Applications: Mobile apps such as ‘Read by QxMD’ is a digital source providing the medical literature. It has been compared to a ‘Flipboard’ for medical journals and is surprisingly user friendly. The app gives its users access to full text through institutional subscription or open-access publishers. You can also personalize the information according to your needs and requirements.

You can also look up to social media like Twitter and LinkedIn. But do check for the references before making any move or sharing such information. As on social media, any news can be fake so first research such topics from other sources as well.

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